Monday, February 9, 2009

The Perfect Saturday

I had the perfect Saturday this past weekend. It started off with going to an info meeting about the Jr. League. I was pretty impressed with the organization and I'm sure it's something I will end up joining. I think it will be a great way for me to meet some new people in KC.

After the meeting, Annie and I (she's in the pic below), took advantage of the Spring like weather and went to the outdoor outlet mall. We had a great, very long sushi lunch and then did some shopping. Chris and I have a black-tie event on Feb. 20 and I was hoping to find a dress to wear, because you all know that I needed a new one :). The event is for the Red Cross and guests were asked to wear 'red-tie.' I looked for a red dress but ended up with a midnight blue one. It's beautiful and was a STEAL from the BCBG outlet. Even Chris was impressed with my good find :).

Chris and I ended up going to dinner on our own and then met up with Annie and her husband, Ryan, for drinks downtown. It was still nice out so we were able to sit outside. I did get the spot closest to the heater though..still a FL girl at heart. We were out too late but had a great time.

Ryan, Annie, me, Chris

Sunday was our niece's, Reese, first birthday. I have some cute pictures of the cake covered baby that I'll post tomorrow.

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