Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Trip to the KC Zoo

This past Saturday, I visited the Kansas City Zoo for the first time. I loved it!

Chris and his brother were in a golf tournament so my sister-in-law asked me if I was interested in going with my nieces to the zoo..ummm, yes please! Jadon's Brownie troop had a special field trip planned and I was so excited to tag along.

The Brownies had a workshop in a classroom at the zoo so Jen, Loren, and I decided to go off on our own to tour the zoo. So glad we did, we had a blast! And I'm pretty sure Jadon had a great time with all her friends.

Jadon (in blue) and her friend Madison.
I've met Madison several times before. When she saw me she goes, "Did you have the baby yet?" Not quite :)

My niece and Goddaughter Loren. This was the best pic out of three taken!

The KC Zoo has a new animal - Nikita the Polar Bear! I couldn't get great pics because everyone was so anxious to see her. She would swim up to the window and then push herself off and do a back flip. It was very funny.

Nikita swimming

Loren is obviously not a huge fan of the camera.


This is what Loren did at each exhibit. Wanted to stand at the fence (on her toes!) to get a good look.

Loren and Jen looking at the Hippos. The Hippos were Loren's favorite. She wouldn't stop talking about them.

Posing with the elephants!

Someone wanted to be carried for a little bit. How could I resist?
Don't worry, Jen yelled at me every time I picked Loren up. I know I shouldn't be lifting things/people!

I had to buy some souvenirs for the girls. Loren got her favorite, a hippo! In honor of Nikita, I picked out a Polar Bear for Jadon.
The Brownies didn't get to see as many animals as we did but still had a great time. And most importantly, they earned their patch for the day! ha!

After the guys were done with the tournament, we grilled steaks at Don and Jen's.

There are so many things I love about this picture. Loren is a Chatty Cathy and I love how serious she is talking to Uncle 'Kiss'. I'm sure she's telling him all about the hippos :). I can just picture Chris with our little girl some day. Can't wait.

And lastly, a girl after my own heart.
Two isn't too young for Tory Burch, is it??

We had such a great day at the zoo. I can't wait to take Baby Girl there when she's older!!

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