Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Flight.

Nora did amazing on the flight to Naples. We were on a direct flight which was SO nice. I had a few friends recommend different things to make traveling easier with a baby. The number one things was feed, feed, feed! And secondly, to bring the Boppy. I'm so glad we did this. It was great to have a place for Nora to lay down, sit up and play, and eat. And bonus, no one sat next to us either way! The most challenging thing was getting through security. I checked her car seat and stroller at the gate but it was still a lot to do (get Nora out of car seat, fold stroller, get myself ready for security, etc). I may or may not have asked the sweet grandmother behind us in line to hold my baby while I tried to get organized. Here are a couple pics from our journey down to Florida.
That serious face. Looks like Nora hates waiting to board just like the rest of us.

On flight! 'Sign me up for frequent flyer miles!!' Lots of more posts coming..I promise! So stay tuned!

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