Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Celebrations

Nora had a great first Easter! We started celebrating by attending the country club's Children's Easter Party. See the post below for the adorable bunny pic.

Here is our baby girl arriving at the party. You would never believe this by Nora's serious face, but I swear she had a good time.

Love the tutu. Can't get enough of the girly stuff!

We invited my niece and nephew to come with us. Here is Reese about to enjoy a peep. A girl after my own heart!

One of Nora's Besties, Lauren, was there too. Lauren is 11 days older than Nora but she was born five week early so Nora is a little bigger than Lauren.

Jen and I enjoyed lots of lunches with our girls during our maternity leave.

Love these pics. Nora just keeps looking at her friend!

The club hosted a great egg hunt for the kids. My nephew Vince picked out a hot pink egg for Nora.

Tons of kids. This will probably be us next year!

Reese was content to just sit and go through her treats.

Nora, me, and the tutu :)

Jen, Lauren, Nora, Me

Notice where Nora is looking...

On Easter Sunday, our little family of three went to church then brunch. We headed over to Chris' sister's house for Easter dinner.

Nora and Aunt Kelly.

I didn't get a great picture of Nora's Easter dress. You can see her little monogram in this picture.

'Enough with the pictures Mom'.

I love Nora's face here. She loves her cousin Katarina.

All the Clarkson cousins. Not an easy task to get a good picture.

And this is my favorite one. Look at Reese stealing an egg from her brother!

I'm only posting these next ones for the sake of the blog. Not a fan of how I look at all. Oh well.

Our sweet family of three!

Lastly, Nora got lots of goodies in her TWO baskets!

We had a great Easter and I can't wait for the many holidays to come!

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