Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Four Months!

I'm sure I'll say this every month but seriously, where has the time gone??

Nora turned 4 months on on May 28th. This is such a fun stage! Her little personality comes out more and more each day.

Here are her current stats-

Weight - 13 lbs 6 oz (50%)
Height - 25 in (75%)
Head - 90%! Poor thing. I can't remember the exact measurement.

We just moved to a size two diaper and she wears some 3 mo and mostly 3-6 month clothes.

And no, we haven't given her a haircut yet!

It was hard to capture just the perfect picture this month so I included a ton of silly ones. She's such a hot mess but I love it!!

Enjoy the pics of our 4 month old!

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