Monday, June 6, 2011

If these babes could talk.

These pictures are classic.

Last week we hosted a very impromptu gathering at our house. Just pizza and hanging out. Little Bobby was one of the party guests.

I would just love to know what goes through babies minds. Here's what I think is going on...


"What?!? We're hosting a party? And my boyfriend is coming over too? I think I'll just hang out in my bumbo until he arrives."

"What's taking him so long? I'm not going to wait around all night."

"I'm second guessing my outfit. You sure about this Mom?"

Nora: Yay! He's here!

Bobby: Mom, who IS this girl?

Trying to scope each other out.

"Give me that hair thing!"

Nora: I LIKE this guy!

Bobby: Still trying to figure out that flower.

Poor boy never sees pink OR flowers and can't quite figure it out.

Nora: I'm just going to sit here and play hard to get.

Bobby: I'm getting closer to the flower!

Nora: P.A.R.T.Y at my house!

Bobby: I'm just not sure about this girl. Or that obnoxious pink thing.

Nora: I'm getting a little bored here.

Bobby: Do I even need to type it??

"Yep. Definitely ready to get out of this seat."

Nora: Mom, put that camera away!

Bobby: Don't worry Nora, I have a few months on you, and that camera isn't going away anytime soon.

"Mom, you owe me BIG time for making me hang out with this crazy gal."

HAHA. Love these sweet babies!!


  1. Oh my gosh I mean I just had a horrible day and that just made it so much better!!!! Those babies are so much fun!

  2. those precious babies! haha! hilarious! hang on to these till their rehearsal dinners one day! :)