Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Brain Dump

Hello there! We have a ton going on at the Clarkson house. Here are a few things on my mind this week.

- Little Miss has a tiny tooth! I knew it was coming and it finally popped through the gum yesterday. I know I sound like every other mom out there but seriously, Nora is getting so big. Can't handle it!

- Speaking of getting big, Nora is SO close to crawling. Could be any day now. And again I ask, how is this possible?!?!

- We need to baby proof the house. Like yesterday.

- We have had a very long summer updating our kitchen. Started with a water leak that lead to knocking down a wall, rearranging things, and replacing cabinets. It has taken way too long. But the new cabinets are in our garage and being installed on Monday! Woo hoo! And I learned my lesson about being too nice and accommodating to the contractors and cabinet company. After months, niceness really didnt get me anywhere. Ugh. The end is in sight though!

- My girlfriends are starting a bible study in a few weeks. We are all really looking forward to it. Let me know if you have a recommendation on studies. (Mom, you can just call and tell me. Haha).

- I might have a new obsession with The Blue Door Boutique. My wallet (and husband) probably don't appreciate this.

- It's Wedding Season! Two of my closest friends are getting married very soon. I'm in both weddings and can't wait to celebrate with them. And then for them to have babies! Cee Cee, that last comment is for you :). Totally kidding. Kind of.

- Nora and I spend as much time outside as possible. We are loving these cooler temps I LOVE our Uppa Baby stroller and BOB jogging stroller. Many, many miles have been put on both.

- I have a new trainer at the gym who is downright mean. And really hard. At my birthday dinner this week, Chris asked if I wanted dessert. I hesitated and he goes, "thinking about what Jeremy would say?" Chris was half kidding but knew I was meeting the trainer at 6 am the next day.

If you read all this, you're a trooper. Have a great weekend!!

A few pictures from the week....

Ready for our morning jog!

Meet my toddler.
Seriously, how old does she look!?!?

Just realized this picture is in the post below. Oops. Still a great one though.

Self-portrait of mom, baby, and bow.

And lastly, birthday cheesecake.

Sorry Jeremy :)

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