Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I guess I'm a JayHawk

SMU isn't known for it's athletics. Yes, they did have a time when they were at an all time high but that time ended a while ago. I know they're great at swimming, track, etc. but they're a work in progress in other sports.

Growing up in Naples, I didn't have a 'hometown' team. Well, let's be honest here, even if we did have a hometown team, I'm not sure I'd be a die hard fan. But for as long as I've known Chris, he has been a Huge KU fan. He was even the Ball Boy when he was little. And yes, at 26 (almost 27!) years old, he critiques the current KU Ball Boys. Those eight year olds don't have a chance when Chris is in the stands.

Anyways, I've had the pleasure of going to a few KU games with Chris. This past weekend we went to the KU vs. Nebraska game. KU won but I don't remember the score...The game obviously had a huge impact on me :). Taken in stadium lobby

Chris and I in front of the Founder of Basketball's statue. I didn't have the heart to ask the innocent by-stander to take it the pic again. I'm squinting in this shot and, again, not a flattering shot of me. I'd like to blame it on the coat but that excuse is getting old. Should I mention that it was about 35 degrees and very windy..hence the lovely hair.

Here we are at the game. Not sure why I look so tired here. And no, I'm not wearing JayHawk red or blue. My plan was to buy something at the gift shop but we really didn't get a chance to look. Plus, I'm not really the t-shirt type. I like to wear the team colors in jewelry-- beads, earrings, etc., or even a cute headband. I need to keep my eyes out for something...

View from our seats

Coach Bill Self.

He was the keynote speaker at a contracting meeting that Chris went to a few weeks ago. Chris' brother, Don, is the president of the organization and Chris got to sit at the head table with Bill Self. Chris was still excited about meeting him when he was telling me about it later that night. Apparently, we have an awesome poster with Bill Self's autograph that needs to be hung in our house somewhere. I'll keep you posted on how that discussion goes.

You can't really see this picture. KU won the National Championships last year. It happened to be on a weekend in April that I was in Naples for a bridal shower. And I'll be honest- Chris gets VERY passionate about watching games and can get extremely..verbal. I'm not too disappointed that I missed sharing that experience with him. Not to worry though, if I ever want to watch the game, it is still saved on our DVR. Chris tells me weekly that I can't delete for one of my shows (The Bachelor, Real Housewives of NY, Biggest Loser, Grey's, and other top quality shows on TV)
On a side note- KU won the Championships on April 7, 2008. Guess who was born on that date..Snickers!! Of course Chris pointed this out to me before we even got him. Ha! I guess he was meant to be our pup!

These next shots are for the gymnasts in my family. This young group performed during the half time show and were AMAZING. You can see in the stands how many people stayed in their seats.

Very Impressive. These could be my cousins one day :)

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