Tuesday, February 24, 2009

'I Will Survive'

Chris and I attended the Red Ball this past weekend- a fundraiser for the Red Cross. Some family friends were the event c0-chairs and asked me to be on the Ambiance Committee with Julie. Of course I said yes...Decorations are right up my alley. Haha. Of course, I have no pics of the decor but I can promise you that it looked wonderful!

The event was a success. I'm not sure of the final amount raised but I do know it was a little more or at least comparable to the amount raised from the event last year. Can't beat that with today's economy.

Gloria Gaynor was the featured singer. I only knew one song- "I will Survive." It was a great performance and Gloria had everyone on their feet, well, at least for one song :).

Here is a shot from the dance floor. I actually think Chris took it. He wanted to make sure I got a great one to post.

Me and my date. Here is my blue dress that I got for a steal!!

We went with Chris mom, Julie, and her boyfriend, Dan. Yes, I do notice that I'm not wearing Red. Not everyone was. I do have red earrings on though. And I love to be different.
(Disclaimer..This dress looks a little maternity here. I can promise you that it's not!!).
Me and Hubs.

I know I complain about the cold and everything that comes with it. One thing I do LOVE about cold weather is the fact that you can wear FUR. I've had this fur caplet for a while and don't get many chances to wear it. The Ball was the perfect event!
PETA come and get me- I love it!!

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