Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Weekend Full of LOVE

I think Valentines Day only gets better when you're married. Chris went above and beyond this year for V-Day. It's the first V-day as Mr. and Mrs. Clarkson (family- does that sound weird to you?? Haha.) and we had a great long weekend.

Our LOVE Holiday weekend started on Friday afternoon. Chris was at the gym when I got home from work. I walked through the back door to find this...

Beautiful long stem red roses, a funny card, and a new charm for my bracelet that Chris gave me for Christmas. It was a great surprise!!

Close up of flowers...

My new cross charm. It's so sparkly that it was hard to photograph. I'm not complaining though- I put it on immediately!

Girl: Honey, Does this bow make me look fat?
Boy: You're my dainty flower, as always.
Here is the card I got for Chris. This completely sums up our relationship. I honestly think this card was created for us. Even though it was his card, I love it so much that it's sitting on my vanity.

On Friday night Chris and I went to dinner on our own at a new restaurant called Zest. It was pretty good and I'm sure we'll try it again sometime. After dinner we had a drink a JP's Wine Bar. We're always doing a ton with friends and it was great to have an evening with just the two of us.
On Saturday afternoon I went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic with a group of girlfriends. We all LOVED the movie and I would definitely recommend it. I read all 4-5 of the Shopaholic books and loved every one so I new the movie would not disappoint.

On Saturday night Chris and I went to Emily and Rollie's house for a Fondue dinner. We had a blast and were there until 1am!
I talked to Emily earlier in the day and said I'd probably wear a dress and Uggs. Em was going to wear jeans and a pair of flats. Well, when she answered the door we realized that we were wearing the EXACT same outfit. It was too funny.
Here's us in our black dresses, leggings (you can't see), and our festive red/pink earrings!

Here's our feet. Both in ballet flats. I bet you can guess which shoes are mine...And yes, they are Tory Burch but that's not what gave it about how WIDE my feet are compared to Em's. Seriously, that's embarrassing! I have running and genetics to thank for my wide feet. I've also been warned that it only gets worse with age...Just Great.

Here's the dinner table. Chris looks like he's thinking "Seriously Melissa, Now that you have your Blog, are you going to always be photo crazy?"

Think we have enough skewers in the pot??

The best part about Fondue...DESSERT. Yum.

Em and Rollie enjoying dessert.

Chris and me enjoying dessert. Yes, I stuck to a diet all night and only ate the fruit without chocolate- yeah right! :)
(A side note: one downside about living where it's Freezing- I've noticed that no matter how thin you are, turtle necks make you look like you have a double chin. I need to learn how to photoshop.)

A weekend full of LOVE wouldn't be complete without a few pics my little love- Snickers!

Here is the handsome pup with an early V-Day gift he got last weekend. The store said it was a toy that was impossible to tear apart because it was made out of a fire hose. Please look closely at the top and bottom of the toy- all shredded. It only took Snickers about 30 minutes to tear it up. Of course, my dog would be the genius that could tear up a 'nearly impossible to tear up' toy.

On Sunday afternoon Chris and I took Snix on a walk to the Plaza. Well, really we just walked him to one store- Three Dog Bakery. He had to get his nourishment (treats) after walking that far. It was very sunny out but still about 35 degrees. I didn't think it was that cold when I put on workout capris, long sleeve shirt, and work out jacket. Chris told me that I would be too cold but I said I would be fine b/c we'd be exercising and I had gloves on. It was so sunny, that it couldn't be too bad, right?? Wrong- certain streets were freezing, especially when the wind picked up. Chris just looked at me like 'I told you so' when he was bundled in his big North Face. I didn't dare say I was cold. Even when my chin became numb and I couldn't talk. Fun times.

I had to post this pic- I wanted to a picture with the Plaza in the background but I should have zoomed in more so you couldn't see Chris' body. Of course Snickers was only sitting because he knew Chris was holding his new treats.
Hope your weekend was filled with as much LOVE as ours was!

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