Monday, February 16, 2009

One Year in Kansas City

Wow- I've lived in Kansas City for ONE full year. It has gone by so fast. Last Valentines Day, Chris flew down to Naples to help me move. We left Naples the morning of the 15th and arrived in KC on the 16th. I was so excited to move to KC but at the same time it was hard to leave my family. My dad stood in the parking lot and watched us (Chris) drive away. Tears were shed on both sides :).

It has been a GREAT year though. I moved in the dead of winter and survived my first couple of months. Yes, there were a few times that I got into my car and would drive down the block but turn around because I didn't think I could drive in the snow. And there were a few times that I didn't leave the house all day because it was SO cold but it didn't matter too much because I wasn't working yet and really had no where to go. I did discover Exercise on Demand though which helped out on the days that I didn't leave the house.

We had a great couple of months leading up to our wedding. Lots of showers and celebrating. Our wedding was perfect and I wouldn't change a thing about it. The summer was a lot of fun and we spent many weekends at the Lake (yes, this beach girl now is a lake girl!). The Fall went by really fast and then the Holiday's were here. Before I knew it, Valentines Day was here again and I had lived in the Midwest for one full year!

I truly love our life in Kansas City. We have a great home, lots of good friends, an adorable pup :), and will continue to have a great future together. With that said, there have been lots of times that I miss my family. It's hard missing out on all the little stuff. I am lucky to have all of Chris' family in KC though. Plus, Naples is only a plane ride away! I keep telling Chris that I'll try to call Kansas City 'home'. I still refer to Naples as 'home'. I promise I'm working on it though :)

It's about 40 degrees in KC right now...That beach looks wonderful!!

The Country Club Plaza- right near our house and one of our favorite spots in KC.

The whole fam.

Dad, Mom, Chris, Me, Whitney, Chris, Brooke, and Nick

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