Monday, February 16, 2009

Book Club

My girlfriends and I are in our sixth month of Book Club. We're pretty proud of ourselves that we've lasted this long and no one has ever missed a meeting (aka- dinner and wine!).

Here's how our Book Club works. Each month the host picks out the book and cooks all of dinner. Everyone else just brings over the wine. We've just completed the circle and everyone has hosted once- on to round two!

Annie hosted this month and it was as great as ever--Thanks Annie!!

Our 'Club'- Annie, Me, Lindsey, Whitney, and Emily

This month's pick. I'd definitely recommend this book.
Confession: As I started the book, I realized that I had already read this one!! I re-read most of it and had to skim that last part so I remembered the ending correctly. We rushed to fit Book Club in before Valentines Day so I wasn't the only one who didn't finish the book (Whitney didn't either!) but, I did read it a while back so that counts for something, right??

Annie's gorgeous table setting. We're all newlyweds and LOVE taking out our new dishes, platters, wine glasses, etc. I'm sure Book Club is the reason we registered for SO much. Ha!

Lindsey and Em getting their food.

My plate- everything was SO good.

Me, Whitney, and Em
The February Book Club was a blast and I can't wait until March!!
Disclaimer: Our Book Club usually lasts until 11pm!! Don't feel too bad for all the husbands though- the past few months, they've all met up on Book Club night for dinner and/or drinks. What else would they do on a night away from the girls :)?? We know Book Club needs to start winding down when the host's hubby walks through the door. Haha!

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  1. What would happen to you if you didn't read the book? I would want to start a book club here in Texas, but I wouldn't make people read the books....ya know. Just hang out! ;)

    Y'all are so cute!! Keep it up!