Friday, February 13, 2009

A Pup Birthday Party

I promised Chris that my blog would not be all about Snickers but how could I resist posting his first Birthday Party experience??

Oliver Arthur (owners are Whitney and Robby) turned ONE a couple weeks ago. Whitney is the Hostess with the Mostess and this party did not disappoint. Snickers was one of the smaller pups of the group but he still had fun with all his friends.

Chris has already told me that we are definitely NOT hosting a first b-day party for Snix (April 7!) but I have a feeling that our little Snix will still get his party. I still have some time to convince Chris :).

Oliver's Birthday Cake- It was a carrot cake from our favorite dog bakery- Three Dog Bakery. How cute are the other dog's party favors??

The group shot. Oliver is the handsome blonde with the red bandana. His brother Chuck is next to him. Notice Snickers on the other side of the gate away from the BIG dogs...

Group shot #2. Snickers and I love that camera! Ha!

Someone must be holding treats because they are all sitting at once.

Our attempt of a pup group shot. Seriously? We look pretty pathetic here. Don't most people try to do this with children??

Oliver, Chuck, and Coco. Why couldn't the little dogs sit so nicely?

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