Friday, April 3, 2009

I Should Have Worn Sequins

Last night my friend Jessica and I went to see Britney Spears!! I'll be honest, I do like some of her new songs and was REALLY excited for the show. Notice that I'm calling it a show not a concert because she definitely didn't sing live, but it was still an AMAZING show.

One of the perks of my job is that I manage our company suite at the Sprint Center (new arena in KC). Someone on my team has to host all the events in the suite. Jessica offered to host and brought me along as her 'guest.' The suite is in a great location in the middle of the arena. Britney's stage took up the whole floor of the arena and we had the perfect view of all the action.

Every single seat in the arena was full. It was a mad-house of girls running around. Jessica and I came straight from work and changed into jeans and black tops- so original I know :). I definitely felt like an old maid compared to all the teens decked out in there sequins. Haha. If Britney makes another comeback (isn't this like her 3rd??), please remind me to not look like an Old Maid and wear my sequins.

Miss Britney Spears!!

Opening Act- The Pussy Cat Dolls
They were great as well. I love their new song from Slum Dog Millionaire.
Britney's opening act.
Very cool. She came down from the ceiling.

Part of her Circus Act

This is what Britney did most of the show. Kind of just posed and walked around. She danced a little, definitely didn't sing, and had a lot of costume changes. Still a GREAT show!

Jess and me. A little conservative for the crowd :).
I forgot my camera so Jessica had to use her old one (her new one was stolen) and when we got to the concert, I mean show, we realized her flash was broken. This explains the quality of our pictures. Better than nothing though.
I'm sure if we had shiny sequins on, we would show up more on camera...
If Britney is coming to your area (and you're older than 13..some was a little risque..Seriously, what am I 25 going on 42??)- I would definitely recommend seeing the show!

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