Friday, July 16, 2010

First Anniversary Trip

Let's start right where we left off - our Anniversary Trip! We booked a last minute trip to Aventura, FL. It was great because we were able to have dinner with my fam one night and then have a long weekend relaxing by the pool and the beach. The weather was not ideal but that didn't stop me from laying out!

We stayed at the Fairmont in Aventura and I would definitely recommend it. When I called to confirm the reservation I may have let it slip that we were celebrating our first wedding anniversary. And I'm so glad I did! We were upgraded to a suite and got a few nice 'extras' during our stay.

Enjoy the pics!

This delightful treat was waiting for us when we got to the room.

Our Anniversary dinner. We went to a GREAT fancy Italian restaurant for our anniversary dinner. It was the best service that we've ever experienced at a restaurant. Given that this was over a year ago, I now can't remember the restaurant name.
Side note: my dress looks maternity in this pic. It's actually very cute in person!

Part of our suite. We had a corner room with a HUGE balcony that overlooked the golf course.

And this is what we did most of the days. Laying out in our pod. I love these things. So comfortable! No bathing suit pictures of me!

Chris would kill me if he knew I posted this. Haha. Notice the almost gone dessert in the background??

I saved the best picture for last. Here is what we got to look forward to with our wedding cake. My mom managed to save the cake from the reception and store it for almost a year. I had to fly back to KC after a Naples visit. Let's just put it this way, it tasted as appetizing as it looks. Now I know why people have their top tier remade every year.
Overall, it was a great, relaxing trip! We had a very low-key 2nd anniversary (which even included a Costco run before dinner!) so I'm glad we got away for our first anniversary. I do know that the best is yet to come though!

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  1. Our cake actually wasn't that bad. Stan was being a terrible sport at eating it, but it was actually pretty good...if you didn't eat the edges. LOL!!