Saturday, July 17, 2010

I've learned to love the lake.

As much as I am a beach girl, I love going to the lake! We are very fortunate that Chris' family has a lake house at Lake of the Ozarks. It's in Missouri but please don't ask me which direction from Kansas City :). We go on a few family weekends during the summer and then try to go on a trip or two with friends. Here is a picture combo of a few of our trips. Warning: Lots of pics!!

Chris and Rollie sporting very old school Polo jackets. We went one weekend in May of last year and it was still chilly.

Same weekend as above. Emily and I enjoying the chilly boat ride.

Paul, me, Chris
Paul is actually a friend from Naples! He moved to KC last year and has a very cool job (all my friends are envious) as a coffee buyer for a local coffee company. Paul came on a family trip last year during the 4th of July. I love how we're all in summer plaid!

A separate trip with friends last summer. Brooke (without Husband Steve), Danny (Brooke's pretend husband for that trip and one of our good friends) Chris, me, Annie, and Ryan.

Annie, Brooke, and myself before a sunset cruise.

Next trip of summer 2009 -
Megan, Brooke, me
We went to a cool restaurant/bar/shops where they had a pool!

Me and Hubs (and about 10 other people) enjoying the pool. Now that I think about it, that place was probably filled with germs. But it IS the lake, so those things don't matter.

The whole crew for that trip.
Brooke, Steve (Brooke's REAL husband), Megan, John, me, Chris

I just love this picture. We look like we're having so much fun.

Had to include this one. LOVE Brooke's face. So funny.

Steve thought it would be a good idea to catch a catfish and cook it up with dinner. This was a last minute catch and were weren't planning on a fish fry for dinner and had to use pancake mix as the batter. I have to give Steve some credit, it wasn't too bad!
One nice thing about making up for a whole year on the blog, I get to relive some of these moments. We're so blessed to have so many great friends here.
Next lake trip coming in August 2010. I'm sure my blog will be up to date then!

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  1. You are seriously so adorable in all of those pictures!!!!