Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Starting...

Chris and I said once we knew the sex of the baby we'd go together to pick out a special outfit or piece of clothing. Well, today we went to one of the cutest baby boutiques in KC, Lauren Alexandra. Before we got to the store I warned Chris that it is very frilly and girly! He actually did a good job helping pick out a few things. Here's what we got...

We both loved this hat. I tried it on one of the dolls in the store to see how it really looked. Precious!!!

Baby Girl will be born in January so we picked out this cute sleeper. And just a side note that with Chris' dark coloring, our baby may look like this baby!
She needed something to keep her feet warm!!

It was a special treat to buy something for Baby Girl. I think we picked out some cute stuff!!

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