Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sharing the News

Chris and I were both SO nervous and anxious to find out the sex on Thursday. I barely slept Wednesday night and got sick on Thursday morning. Not a fun way to start the day. We both arrived at the appointment early because we were so anxious. The waiting room was packed and there were a few couples in front of us for the sonogram. Fast forward 30 minutes and we were still waiting. At one point Chris told me to 'Stop chitchatting.' I guess I do that when I'm nervous. We could hardly stand it! When the sweet sono tech called my name I felt like we won the lottery! ha!

Little did we know that our little lady had a mind of her own and wasn't going to cooperate right away. I think we both expected it to be instant but not with our daughter..40 minutes later, lots of me moving around, trying to get the baby to move, etc; our Dr. and sono tech (if anyone out there knows a better name for this sweet lady, please share!) told us it was a GIRL!

One great thing about it taking so long is that we had the chance to look at everything else developing with the baby. Everything is perfect! As of Thursday, she was about 8 oz. It was amazing to see all her little bones and we could see every bone in her spine. At one point, she scratched her head. We could also see her little lips drinking water! Amazing! Baby Girl is measuring a few days bigger than my due date and my stomach was measuring about a week smaller. My Dr. said it will all even out and it's still too early to tell anything.

My family was expecting calls around noon FL time. But with the appointment running late, I started getting calls/texts to find out what we were having. My mom was 110% sure it was a girl from the second we told her we were pregnant. So, not too much shock there. My sister thought a boy because she wanted to go against my mom :). And my Grandma was just so excited to have a healthy great-grandbaby. The first one!! Most of the rest of my family thought it was a girl and were obviously right!

I have to thank all my friends for the nice texts throughout the morning! And their willpower not to call me once we knew the sex. We really wanted to tell our family first. I was afraid I'd give it away if I talked to anyone on the phone. Chris and I let all of our friends know after the family knew.

I had to share the news over the phone with my fam but we got together with Chris' side of the fam Thursday night. We were trying to think of ways to announce to everyone. I really like the cake idea (blue/pink icing on the inside) but also knew no one would want to wait for dessert. I also really wanted all the nieces and nephews to be involved because I knew how excited they were. So, my friend Whitney, suggested putting a pink or blur ribbon in a balloon and having the kids pop the balloons. I loved this idea but we took it once step further. We put different pieces of paper in the balloons to spell out "We are having a little GIRL." All the kids could pop the balloons and put the words together.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. And if you actually read this insanely long post and didn't skip straight to the pics, THANKS!!

We chose black balloons so you couldn't see the paper inside.

Me and the Hubs.

All the kids ready to pop! They all wore pink or blue or a combo of both. I think the boys wanted a little boy, they are definitely outnumbered now. A couple of my nieces changed their mind about five times in five minutes but decided girl before they popped the balloons!

Such a sweet picture. The 'winning' paper! GIRL! She was so excited to pop the right balloon and yelled GIRL!!! right away.
PS- how cute is her 'Girls Rule' shirt??

All the words together. We lost 'WE' in the craziness.

Sweet espadrilles from Chris' sister. I love having Chris open all the girly gifts. Just trying to ease him in :)

Celebrating with some Baby Clarkson cake!

Lastly, I have to share these hilarious shoes my mother-in-law had for us. I think the brand is called Heelarious. She was also convinced girl from the beginning and had these waiting for us.

HIGH HEELS! Can you believe these? I've never seen anything like it!

Side profile. Got to love it though!
Thank you again to all our friends and fam for celebrating with us! Our baby girl is lucky to already be loved so much!

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