Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm a VIP

I was SO excited when my niece, Katarina, asked me to attend VIP Day at her school. I love doing things like this! And just one more reason why I love my job, I was able to sneak away for a few hours last Friday to take part in all the activities.

Kat did a great job giving me a tour of the school, introducing me to her teachers (current and past!), and telling me that our need to attend this school one day :)

Another bonus was that my niece Jadon is also a student here. I loved seeing her cute 2nd grade classroom.

My adorable niece Kat. I made sure to ask her about pictures before I whipped out my camera. Didn't want to embarrass the 7th Grader!

Kat, Jadon, and Danielle (Jadon's cousin was her VIP)

Miss Jadon posing at her desk.

The music room. Kids have come a long way from recorders like I had. Ha!

The locker. Who didn't love their locker?? Jadon was so excited to go see Kat's.

I used to LOVE decorating my locker as well.

And yours truly made the locker :) The Clarkson Xmas Card from last year.
VIP Day was a little chaotic but so much fun. Followed by a delicious Mexican lunch.
Can't wait for next year's VIP Day. Hope Baby Girl and I get the invite!

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