Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why are these in my fridge?

I have a sweet tooth. I always have. I blame my mother and she accepts that it's her fault.

Well, since I've been pregnant, I have ended up with a few extra things in my grocery cart. Why not? I eat healthy (minus the sweets) and work out every day so there's no harm in indulging a little bit, right? So glad you agree with me.

Here are my two newest obsessions:

If anyone knows me, they know I am addicted to brownies. Yes, addicted. Anytime I'm depressed or sad, I go for a pan a brownies and eat them sliver by sliver. And before you know it, the whole pan is almost gone. Again, I blame my mother for teaching me this skill at a young age. I have not made brownies since I've been pregnant out of fear that I'll eat the whole pan.

When I was at the grocery store last week, these yummy things ended up in my cart. You heard it here first, they are good! Not exactly like homemade but still delicious. A little note to the consumer though: The 'bite-size' brownie is VERY small. Like the size of a dime. The picture on the package is a little misleading.

I truly love to bake from scratch but Chris and I also love these break apart cookies. They're perfect for the two of us. I can cook 5 or 6 or 8! at a time and not end up eating a whole batch of cookies.

I'm usually a chocolate fan but these caught my eyes at the grocery store:

WOW. These are good. Especially when they're hot out of the oven! Even my non pregnant husband agrees with me. It's a good thing I only cooked seven the other night (3 for me, 4 for Chris..he really needs to start putting on that sympathy weight), because I could have finished the whole package.

From one sweet tooth to another, you will not be disappointed with these two treats!

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