Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby Artie is Here!!

Some of our Best Friends, Robby and Whitney Arthur, had their baby over the weekend!

Robert Charles Arthur Jr.

I was SO sure the baby was going to be a boy. Not exactly sure why but I stuck with my word Whit's whole pregnancy and Baby Arie is a BOY! He's a tiny little peanut, just weighing over 7lbs. Bobby arrived two weeks early. Everyone is healthy and precious Bobby is absolutely perfect!

Me and Mama Arthur. So proud of my friend! Whit looks fabulous for just delivering less than 24 hours earlier.

Me and Baby Girl Clarkson's Future Boyfriend.
Bobby was so light and tiny!

Robby and Whitney showing us their amazing parenting skills. Robby is an expert at swaddling! Chris and I were both taking notes :)

Chris is a 'sit down holder'. HAHA.
And let's not talk about how HUGE I look in this picture. Okay? Thanks.
We're so excited that Bobby Arthur is here! In the past six months, we've visited three different friends with new babies in the same hospital. This is the hospital where Baby Girl will be born too. Looks like WE'RE NEXT!!
It's going to be here before we know it and we can't wait.
Congrats again to Robby and Whitney! We Love Baby Bobby!!

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