Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Girl Update!

Chris and I had my 36-37 week doctor's appointment today. Everything went great. Our Baby Girl looks perfect. She's measuring a little on the big side. No surprise there because I was almost 10lbs and big babies run in the family.

Baby Girl is 6lbs 9oz. I forgot to ask how long she is. The sonogram tech said that she has chubby cheeks and lots of hair. She's is head down and in the perfect position to make her entrance into the world. I am not dilated yet but we'll see if anything changes at my appointment next week.

I know this picture is impossible to see but I'll try my best to explain it. I'm sure no one cares about this besides my fam in FL :)

The image is of Baby Girl's face, looking straight on. Look to the left side of the image. You can see her forehead, two black spots are her eye sockets, her nose is the the light color in the middle of the image and her lips are right below that. You can also see her cute chubby cheeks! Again, it's really hard to tell with the image. If you can't make out her face, don't worry about it..Just trust me, it's adorable!

Can't wait to meet our Baby Girl in a few weeks!!

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