Monday, December 13, 2010

Touchdown KANSAS CITY!

Chris and I are very fortunate that we get to attend a lot of Chiefs games. The noon games make for a long Sunday but they're always a blast.

If you live in KC you know how all the commercials and radio announcements say 'Touchdown Kansas City!' They're kind of annoying commercials and I may or may not make fun of them every time I hear then. Ha! But I swear, I'm still a Chiefs fan!!

This picture was at the home opener. So fun to have a Monday night game!

This is done every week and I always think it looks so cool.
We have suite tickets for the game. Yes, I know, we're very lucky! We spend most of the time in the outside part of the suite but it's nice to have food and drinks available the whole time.

Cozy seating area in suite.

We have the BEST bartender named Spence. I'm always so impressed how he remembers every one's name. And he makes great drinks too!

Annie and I at one of the pre-season games. This was August. Notice the barely there baby bump and sleeveless shirt :)

Chris and I at the home opener in September.

Emily (Chris' aunt), Me, and Jules at the home opener.

And now let's get to the game from last weekend. I've been to a couple games in between but forgot to take pics. I decided to go at the very last minute. Here's why I wasn't planning on going...
Yep. It was a cold one. And it was SO windy. It always feels much colder in the stadium too.

Brooke, Lindsey, Me, Annie
The good news was that my Northface still zips! I was shocked! Probably won't zip next week but it worked for the game.

Me and Hubs. Horrible picture of me but see the sacrifices I make for the blog!

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