Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Toys and Baby Update

First of all - thank you everyone for the nice emails, texts, calls about the baby update. I'm still pregnant! As of last week, I was still at a one and 50% effaced. I'm slowing getting there. I go back to the doctor on Monday. If I'm a little more dilated, I think the plan is to check into the hospital Tuesday night to be induced. This is what we're hoping for! My mom gets in Monday so she's welcome to come any time. I had a couple really strong contractions yesterday so I'm hoping that's a good sign. Just stay tuned...I'll keep you posted after Monday.

In other news...Chris and I have a couple new 'toys' that have been occupying most of our free time.

I really wanted a new camera before the baby came. I was even going to get up super early on Black Friday to get the best deal but we decided just to wait and get it sometime in January. Well, that time was this weekend. I was so excited to finally go buy the camera. We went with a Canon Rebel. After talking to several people, I learned that the Canon's are a little more user friendly. And the best part was that I had a gift card to put towards the camera AND I was able to convince the sales guy to give me 10% because the box looked a little beat up and it was the last one left in the store. I was so proud of myself for the money we saved. We saved enough to cover one full day of daycare - we have to start thinking about these things!

The second toy we've been slightly obsessed with is the iPad. Oprah herself said that this was the greatest invention ever and I couldn't agree more. Chris really wanted one. And I wanted one too but I had might sights set on the camera first. Little did I know that we'd both use it We don't even know how to use majority of the things that the iPad does but we're slowing learning. Let me know if you have any favorite apps that we need to try!

I'll update tomorrow after my doctor's appointment!

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