Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's on my DVR??

I'm definitely not a TV junkie but I do love our DVR. It might just be the best invention ever. I can record all of our (mainly my) shows and catch up on a lazy Saturday or on an evening when we don't have anything going on. I'm sure my TV schedule is going to go out the window once Baby Girl arrives so I'm definitely relying on DVR to keep me up to date on the award-winning shows. Chris always makes fun of the shows I like to watch. And I agree most are pretty pathetic but sometimes, I can't look away!

Who is watching this season? For some reason, I don't think I really watched the first run that Brad was on. He doesn't seem too bad though. Along with the rest of America, Emily is my favorite. I think she'll go far too. I usually watch with a group of ladies and it is so much more fun than watching on my own..or even worse, with Chris! You know we like to talk about outfits, hair, drama queens, etc. I love Monday nights!

I will admit that this season hasn't been as good as others but let's face it, I'm still hooked.

Most people make fun of me for loving The Biggest Loser. Last season almost turned me off because I wasn't a fan of most of the contestants. There are two new trainers this season and so far so good. I will also admit that I usually watch this show sitting on the couch and eating a cookie or something!

Chris and I like to stay in on Friday nights. It's hard to get motivated after a long work week. Lately, we've been watching Dateline and love it. Yes, we've become THAT couple.

Hands down the best show on TV right now. We LOVE it! But who doesn't??

I have a slight obsession with Bravo TV. When there is nothing else on, you can count on something to be good on Bravo! I love Top Chef because I worked with a number of the judges (including Tom C.) at my last job. I don't really consider myself a foodie but I usually don't miss an episode.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
I'm going to put it out there that this might be my favorite Housewives cast to date. New York is a close second. Why do I watch these shows?? Who knows! Kyle and Lisa are my faves on this season.

LOVE this show.

Grey's hasn't been the best the past couple of seasons but I'm still keeping with it. It's definitely a step behind Private Practice.
I know this seems like a lot but with DVR there's really no excuse not to watch. Or that is just what I tell myself to make feel better about watching too much TV.


  1. love all your shows :) love Emily, too. DVR is a savior, yes... sadly I just watched a month's worth of Brothers and Sisters yesterday, and two episodes of Grey's today. They say "sleep when baby sleeps"... I say "watch bad TV when baby sleeps." ;) Gotta love being snowed in!

    Any day now, right?!!? Can't wait!! So excited for you!

  2. Yes..Any day is right! Tuesday is my due date but I go back on Monday to see if I've progressed any more. I'm praying I have! I'm sure you'll have lots of new mom advice for me!

  3. Hold the phone - Where's Castle in this list?!
    And you're going to become a Say Yes to the Dress fan now that you'll be home all day long! I got hooked when I was on maternity leave.