Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hospital Visitors

We were so blessed to have our family and some great friends visit Nora in the hospital. Kansas City was hit with a huge snow storm when we got home from the hospital so I was very glad that many people got to meet Nora before the storm hit.

The oldest Clarkson cousin with the youngest!
Katarina and Nora
Chris, Grandma 'Jules' and Miss Nora
Both Grandmas!
Still working on a name for my mom..We think she's going to go by Nana.

Chris and his sisters, Audrey and Kelly

Chris and his brother, Don

Whitney and I with our babies!
Bobby is only 3 months and looks so big compared to Nora.
Proud Dads!
I think Bobby is checking Nora out in this picture. No dating yet!
Rollie and Em!
Nora still can't wait to meet her other boyfriend - Hudson! He's already starting wooing Nora.
Rollie and Chris cheers-ing to Nora!
Annie and Ryan loving on Nora.

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