Monday, February 7, 2011

Nora's Birth Story

We were so excited to finally have a plan to induce! It is not fun going past your due date. People give you lots of sympathy looks when you tell them you were due two days earlier.

Our plan was to check into the hospital on Thursday night at 7pm. Chris and I went out to dinner one last time before our baby girl made her debut. We were both very nervous and anxious at dinner. Chris might have had a stiff drink (or two) to help with his nerves. We quickly learned that we can't plan too much because the hospital called and asked us to come in at 9pm instead of 7pm. Apparently there was a rush of deliveries that evening. So, after going back home and pacing around another couple of hours, we were on our way!

When we were unloading the car at the hospital (you seriously would have thought we were moving in for a week. We had SO much stuff), the unthinkable happened...our BRAND NEW camera broke. It fell right off the strap! It didn't look like there was any damage on the outside but taking pictures was not going to be an option.

I basically walked into our room in tears. Our poor nurse was so nice and excited for us to be there but I had to apologize for our bad moods. The timing was terrible. Luckily, our moms brought us our little camera to capture everything. And side note: We have a new big camera that we are loving.

I'm not going to go into too many details on the blog but labor and delivery went great. I started having pretty bad contractions early on. And around 8am my water broke on its own. We still did the pitocin to help me dilate more. But once my water broke, I got the epidural. Thank you God!

Chris and I slept on and off throughout the day. I was pretty nauseous at times and was able to have ice chips and an orange Popsicle!

At 2:30pm, I was at an 8. Also around that time, my epidural was wearing off. I basically didn't have any pain meds for the next two hours when I got to a 10. Call me a wimp, but I could never go through the who labor process with out the epi. Way too much pain! Luckily, the next round of meds kicked in for delivery.

I only pushed for 30 minutes and Nora Jewel was born at 5:05pm! My doc said it was a perfect 'textbook' delivery.

Here are a few pics from the day...

All checked in and ready to be induced!

Our sweet family of three!

The wonderful Dr. C. We love her!
Poor Nora, I think we were doing skin to skin before this pic was taken but it's the only one with our great doc.

Our amazing nurse Amy.
Dr. C's first name is Amy as well. Since we were keeping Nora's name a secret until she arrived, our nurse and doctor thought we should name our baby Amy :)

Stay tuned for a post on our hospital visitors!

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