Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meeting Family.

I was so excited for my family to finally meet Nora. My mom was in KC for Nora's birth but no one else had met her yet!

Everyone fell in love with Nora. And Nora did so well with having so many new people hold and love on her.

I don't have any pictures of my mom with Nora. Not sure why! Actually yes I know why, it's because my mom is not a fan of having her pic taken.

And I have one of my sister with Nora but she doesn't like it of herself and specifically told me not to post it on my blog. ha!

Here are some members of the rest of my fam.

My Dad. Nora's Pops.

He was pretty smitten with his first grandchild.

My brother - Uncle Nick

My other brother (yes, they're twins) - Uncle Chris

We are so fortunate that Nora got to meet a couple of her great grandparents.

My dad's dad just turned 90! I was so excited that Nora got to meet her Great Grandpa Marvin. He recently moved into an assisted living facility and to say that

Look at that face on Nora. This picture is priceless.

Pops, Grandpa Marvin, and Nora

Some of my mom's family came in from Miami. Nora got to me my grandma, Gram.

Gram was with her first great grandchild.

Nora's second cousin (??), Sophie. Soph loved Nora's hair.

I love this picture. Look at Nora looking at Sophie. So sweet.

Can't wait to see the fam again soon!

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