Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More from Naples.

Nora enjoyed some fun in the sun on our vacation. The weather was outstanding the whole week. We loved every minute of being outside.

I've admitted to my family and close friends that I may have an addiction to buying Nora bathing suits. It's out of control. I love the below one with matching sun hat.

One of my all time favorite pics of this precious baby.

First time in the pool. I think Nora was more interested in the smell/taste of her sunscreen rather than the water.

I was so glad to see some of my girlfriends during out trip. We had a great lunch together at La Playa - where our wedding reception was.

Nora and Cee Cee.

Allison and Nora

My mom and I took Nora to lunch at one of our favorite spots, Ridgways. Our rehearsal dinner was here! I guess you could say we were reliving old times.

The heat wore this Midwestern baby out.

Only in Naples. So funny. Yes, I was a total tourist and took a picture.

We had such a great trip but were glad to get back to KC to see Chris and Snickers. We weren't glad to come back to 40 degrees and rain. Ugh.

But these were waiting for us girls when we got home...

So pretty. The note said 'Welcome Home Girls.'

Pretty sure Chris was glad to have us back :)

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