Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First taste of cereal

Right after Nora turned five months, we gave Nora her first taste of rice cereal. Even though she is such a great eater and I knew she was probably ready for cereal, it was ME who wasn't ready. My baby is growing up too fast!

I picked out a new bib for the occasion. I justified it because I told myself she would wear this bib for her first birthday. Fat chance! Haha.

We took a ton of pics of our little eater.

Not quite sure about this whole eating thing...

BTW, don't mind the cereal (and the rest of my pantry) on my dining room table. We did some work on our kitchen this summer. Another post on that but we've been living without a pantry for quite a while. The end is in sight though!

Back to my eater....

I'd say she's a fan!

Just a side note: I don't eat only organic but I'm trying to with Nora. I just look at the ingredients on things and try to get the most natural foods for her. I should do that for us too!

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