Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nora's Baptisim

Nora was baptized on July 17. We chose to have her baptized after the service. Only our family was there and it was such a wonderful ceremony. My mom came to KC for the big event! Because Nora was the only baby being baptized at this time, our family was able to be involved with the ceremony. Chris' sisters led the prayer and our niece did the scripture reading. It was truly a beautiful ceremony. Our baby girl is loved by so many. We couldn't be more blessed.

Nora's Godparents are Chris' brother and his wife- Don and Jen.

She Loved having the water poured on her!

Father Rush married us along with my Grandfather. It was very special that he baptized Nora as well.

Proud Godparents!

The Grandmas

Nora and her cousins. We were missing two because they were just getting back from the lake and were exhausted. Chris' sister didn't want them acting up and stealing the show. Her words, not mine :)

Chris with his siblings and mom.

A pic with my mom. We're still working on the 'grandma' name and are open to suggestions!

After lunch we had brunch at the country club. Nora did great considering it was her nap time.

My mom picked out this dress months ago and I saved it for this special occasion.

Nora's Godmother with My Goddaughter.

It was a wonderful day and we were so glad all of our family was with us to celebrate.

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