Sunday, February 3, 2013

And we're back!!!

We are back to blogging! It's been too long. Embarrassingly too long. I don't even have a good excuse. Nonetheless, I am back!! And as you can see, the ol' blog has a new look. Loving that!

There is no way I could ever catch up for the past year but I'm going to try and post some of my favorite pics from the year.

This first round are pictures all from the iPhone. I will probably do a few posts of catch-up photos and then start my up-to-date posts.

First Birthday! (1-28-12)

In Naples for Cee Cee and Chad's wedding (Feb 2012)

The first of many, many kisses with Bob.

Our favorite feature on the iPhone camera- flipping it around. Can't get enough of self pics

Easter 2012. She was rewarded for her scary bunny experience.

Spring trip to Florida. Nora is thrilled to be in her bikini.

In May, Chris graduated with his MBA, turned 30 and I completed a huge fundraising campaign (I raised $35k for LLS) all in one week! It was a week of milestones and celebrations for sure!'

We spent most of the summer in our bathing suits at the pool or the lake.

Chris and I headed to Dallas for a wedding. It was great to go back and see how much everything had changes since college.

Two of my favorite pictures with our daughter. Nora truly brings us so much joy.

Can we say Girly, girl?!?

Nora loves my sister's dog, Milly!

Halloween Season! Loves our little owl!

Ladies who lunch! One of N's best friends- Ellen.

Chris had his first Hole in One! I was excited to be there with him that day.

Got to love that personality.

Lots of outings and play dates with friends. New friends too- Nora is more than a little obsessed with Baby Teddy. In fact, all six or seven of her girl baby dolls are named Teddy.

Fall family pictures.

Holiday season means holiday clothes- for the pup too :).

Santa brought a vanity and dress up clothes. Like I said, Girly girl.


I'm pretty proud that I potty trained Nora a couple weeks before she turned two. It was an exhausting for a couple days but she did SO great! Big milestone for us.

Nora started a toddler ballet class this month. She is not the biggest fan yet- very shy. Don't let this picture fool you, I'm pretty sure she was reaching towards my bag full of snacks.

Second birthday! A separate post coming.

And if you're still looking at pics- wow, I'm impressed! I will leave you with one last picture...

Big Sister Nora! So excited for 2013! And so excited to be blogging again!!

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  1. Congrats!!! So exciting!!! Nora is so beautiful! I hope all is well.