Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baby Sister - 19 weeks

It's time for another weekly update!

This week has been gone by fast. I've had a lot of showers for friends lately. With great fellowship, comes yummy food. I know I've had my fair share of treats this week.

Before I get into the details, just a few words on the weekly picture. I told Nora that when Daddy got home he had to take my weekly picture. As soon as Chris walked through the door, she demanded (not so sweetly!) where I stand and where Chris stands to take the pic. And then she posed and said cheese. This little girl cracks us up on an hourly basis.

Here is the long awaited 19 week picture-

Nora posing. Classic.

Baby Sister-

How far along? 19 weeks

Size of baby- at our ultrasound last week, baby was 8oz and 6 in long.

Total weight gain? 4 lbs

Maternity clothing? Yep. Still wearing mostly regular clothes but the dress above is maternity.

Sleep? Again, I fall asleep great but get up really early. At least I'm getting plenty of early morning 'me time' at the gym.

Symptoms? Headaches. Did not have these with Nora. Tylenol and a little Caffeine seem to help.

Gender? Baby Sister!

Movement? Yes. Chris even got to see my stomach moving this week. Baby girl is pretty active when I finally sit after Nora goes to bed.

Food cravings? Sweets. This has got to stop! I type this as I eat an Oreo :)

What I miss? I guess not much. I've felt great the past week or so.

Best moment of the week? Finding out we are having another baby girl! And knowing she is perfect and healthy!

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