Thursday, March 19, 2009

To be 3 Again...

I am SO close with my extended family and really miss spending time with my cousins. Now that I've moved to the Midwest, I miss out on some of the little fun things with my family- birthday parties, sports tournaments, fun dinners, holidays, etc.

I'm so blessed that Chris' family is very close as well. I have really enjoyed spending time with my nieces and nephews. This past Monday was Vince's (Chris' sister's son) 3rd Birthday. Not all the family was in town because of Spring Break but we had a great family dinner/party at Julie's house.

It's actaully really neat that March 16 is Vince's birthday- It was also Chris' dad's birthday.

Oh to be 3 again!!

The Birthday Boy. He made his '3' hat at school last week.

My God-Daughter, Loren. Too Precious!
I had the pleasure of baby-sitting Loren all day last Saturday. She was really good. She only became a little fussy when we were pretty well into our walk. So, I did what any other non-mother would do...took her out of the stroller and carried her all the way home. Haha. And I forgot to pack a passy, bottle, etc. Oh well- lesson learned.

The Johnson Family-
Denny, Audrey, Vince, and Reese.

I LOVE this picture. Vince was already digging into his cake!

Sweet Vince.

Loren and me.
Jadon (Loren's 5 yr. old sister) actually took this picture.

Vince is opening the gift we got him- a new outdoor swing. It's one of those disc swings. Chris wanted to keep it for our backyard. I'm pretty sure I'm over the weight limit though :)

Sisters--Jadon and Loren!

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