Thursday, August 12, 2010

Always, Sometimes, Never

I've noticed this on a few blogs and thought I'd give it a try.

wear a sleep mask when I'm sleeping. I know, my poor husband.
check my email and FB on my phone.
feel better after I work out.
talk to my sister on the phone at least twice a day.
only drink water. no caffeine for me.
laugh at my husband's jokes, impressions, etc.
am in the middle of at least one book. usually two or three.

watch too much reality tv.
eat breakfast food for dinner...cereal and eggs. especially since I've been preggers.
have a conversation with Snickers like he's a person. okay, maybe more than sometimes.
forget to relax and know that some things are out of my control.
enjoy having a weekend or couple nights with the house to myself.
fall into the trap of online shopping. it's just so convenient.
i NEVER...
take out the trash. Chris is better at it than me :)
stay up super late.
make brownies at home because I will eat the whole pan..sliver by sliver.
can fall asleep without the tv on.
get sick of getting a text message from a friend I haven't talked to in a long time. love it!
touch the grill when we're cooking. one of my best friends had an incident in high school.
what do you always, sometimes, and never do???

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