Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have a new hobby. And it's pretty addicting. Golf! Who knew that I'd love it as much as I do? I just learned to play this past Spring. I had been out with Chris a few times and sometimes would hit (or at least try to hit) the ball from a random place on the fairway or put just for fun. But mostly, I just rode around and enjoyed the scenery.

Everything changed this year though! I joined a ladies golf group called the '4 Holers'. I was probably the most beginner player there (out of 20ish people). We met weekly and started with a 45 minute lesson then played four holes. That's it- 4! And it was perfect. And if we felt like we were playing well, we ended on a good note and only played three holes. I've loved being on the course, the friendships I've made, and learning a new sport.

It's been great for Chris and I to go out as well. He is REALLY good. And usually pretty patient with me. After the 4 Holers was over this Spring my girlfriends and I still tried to meet weekly to play a few holes. Chris and I go out weekly as well. Chris and I definitely play more than four holes - usually nine! See what I mean by addicting?? One good hit and you want to come back for more!

Another fun part about golf - the clothes! I found some great outfits at the Izod outlet. Not too many of my skirts fit me right now so I'm basically living in my elastic waist ones.

Chris and I took these pictures when we played last week.

Getting ready to hit. I totally look like I could be a pro! ha!
Note: it was like 110 this day and if I look hot and miserable it's because I was.

Chris is really proud of this action shot.
Got to love the baby bump. When I first saw this picture, I asked Chris if this is what I really looked like. He goes, 'Yeah, you are pregnant.' Obviously.
By the way, people keep telling me you play better pregnant. Something about your center of gravity. I'll keep you posted.

Chris' action shot. Sorry this was taken from the golf cart. Remember is was 110 and I needed to sit in the shade!

Two necessities for golfing in this insane heat - huge water glass AND a Gatorade.

This is probably my favorite hole. I love the church in the background. I usually do pretty well on this hole too so that doesn't hurt.

My dirty golf shoes. Lots of use this summer!

Another favorite hole. The only problem is that it's pretty hard. This is hole 6 and us 4 holers usually never play it!

I think this turned out to be a cool shot.

I'm going to brag on myself. Please notice the (pink!) ball. If you look way, way down the hole, you can see how far I drove this ball. It might have been one of my best drives. I was very proud of myself!

The look of pride. Look out LPGA.

The Club. I think I rewarded myself with a delicious cheeseburger at the club after we played. And maybe some ice cream too. The baby really needed it :).
Here's to many, many, many more years of golf!
And lots, lots, lots more cute golf outfits!

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  1. I'm so jealous! I really wish I had time to perfect my golfing skillz and play again. I would love to be able to play with Stan here and there. I would NEVER beat him, but I don't care. :) Miss you friend!