Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nursery Furniture

We bought our nursery furniture last week! Chris and I went a couple weeks ago to see what was available, what we liked, etc. Luckily, we both loved the exact same crib! We went back this week with Julie (Chris' mom) because she has a tradition of buying the crib for the first baby in the family. So generous!

For those of you outside the Midwest - this is Nebraska Furniture Mart. They have everything there; furniture, TV's, computers, cameras, exercise equipment, etc. It's huge! We've spent many, many hours here the past couple of years. You really need to go just looking for one thing because it's very overwhelming. They had a great baby furniture department.

This is just one of the four entrances!

And here we are with the crib we picked out! It's very traditional and we love the look of it! I guess we thought the teddy bear would make it seem more baby friendly! ha!

The crib. It converts to a toddler bed, daybed, then full size. We think it will look great with pink or blue.

The room as a whole. We did not buy the tall dresser. We did get the shorter long one with the hutch above it.

Here is the dresser and hutch. We're going to take the shelf out and use the top of the dresser as our changing table. I will probably change the knobs of the dresser too. There are so many cute ones out there that would match the nursery more.

This is from Potter Barn Kids. We obviously didn't buy this changing table but we're going to buy the topper to put on top of the dresser.

We still need to buy a glider but want to look around a little more. When I first told Chris we needed a glider, he asked why? Then he sat in one and knew instantly how great they were!

Here he is testing out a glider and ottoman.

And then he found another one he liked! Not going to happen. EVER.

I can't wait to pick out bedding once we know the sex of the baby. There are sooo many cute ones out there! Next step is clearing out the guest room to make room. Chris very politely told me that he would like to do this on his own and does not want my "help". Fine by me!!

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