Sunday, September 19, 2010

Celebrating Baby Artie

We were so excited to host a baby shower for Robby and Whitney Arthur. Baby Artie (not the real name but what we call the baby) will probably be here around the beginning of November!

Chris and I hosted the shower with Annie and Ryan Anderson and Emily and Rollie Fors. Emily and Rollie graciously offered their home. Thanks guys!

We don't know if Baby Artie is a boy or girl (I think heard it here first!) but we found the cutest gender neutral items for the baby.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Enjoy!

The Girls.
Annie, Me, Whitney, and Em
This is what Chris and Ryan did while we were cooking and finishing last minute set-up.
Just kidding...they helped out as well.

The food table. We had about 30 people at the shower. We served an Italian feast that went over really well. We were all very happy with how everything turned out.

Cute clothes for Baby Artie.

The adorable Diaper Cake that Emily's mom helped make. She truly has a gift for these things!

I may have had one or three very mini cupcakes but who's counting?

Apps, cupcakes, and punch.

Me and the hubs.

Cute party guests.

The happy parents-to-be ready to open all their gifts.

Baby Uggs. Love it. And a necessity for our winter babies.

Robby is pretty excited about this monkey mirror for the car :)

For the group gift, we went for an 'on the go' theme and got Baby Artie the stroller, car seat, Baby Bjorn, stroller hooks, car seat cover, etc. So fun picking it all out!

We played one game at the shower. They guys raced to see who could finish the bottle the fastest. And the bottle was filled with beer.
The catch was that there were different level nipples on the bottles. Robby had the slowest nipple and couldn't figure out why nothing was coming out. It was hilarious.
I'm not the biggest fan of shower games but this one suited the party guests.

Cheers to Baby Arthur!

During the race.

Robby trying his hardest. He had no clue why it wasn't coming out!

My husband looks like a natural. It was funny how many guys said their cheeks and jaw hurt from sucking the bottle so hard.

Had to take a picture of this. This is our non-alcoholic punch for the evening. By the end of the night, I think people tried to spice it up a bit.

The boys drinking their "punch".

We're so blessed to have such great friends. We can't wait to meet Baby Arthur!
sorry the pic is small...


  1. That baby shower looks so fun!!!!!

  2. This was such a wonderful baby shower. Thank you so mcuh for all your hard work. Baby Artie is truely blessed!