Monday, September 20, 2010

Puppy Palooza!

Before the pool closes for fall, winter, and spring (very sad about this), the club hosted an event called Puppy Palooza. Dogs were welcome to come swim, eat treats, mingle with other pups, and basically be a part of extreme chaos!

This was Snickers first year to attend. He is not a water dog. And to be honest, that is more than fine by me. Less for me to clean up! I think there were over 80 dogs at the pool. It was insane to say the least.

Enjoy the pics for our fur baby!

Snickers posing for the camera. It's actually really funny how much he likes the camera. It started when we began taking weekly belly shots. Every time the camera is out, he poses..and probably expects a treat!

This is the same location as the shot above. What you can't see is that this is the treat table. He's one smart pup. He could check out all the dogs and get treat after treat.

The scene. It was packed!

Dogs were actually jumping off the diving board. It was hilarious!

And this is what we did most of the time. Walk around to try and meet/sniff other pups. And I looked like an idiot trying to capture every moment!

The baby pool was a huge hit. It's zero entry and a lot of the dogs loved walking right in. We just watched from the sidelines.

There was one other Sheltie at the pool. I couldn't believe how much bigger this dog was compared Snix.

This is Molly Fors (Emily and Rollie's pug). She won best costume. Very well deserved Molly!

And this is what her owners did most of the time. I love how we all need to make sure the dogs are most comfortable.

Rollie and Baby Hudson checking out all the dogs.

I'm sure he's asking me for another treat.

It was a beautiful night for a puppy pool party.
This will be an annual tradition in the Clarkson house. Only next year Chris will be carrying the Baby Bjorn!

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