Friday, October 29, 2010

Mudpie...I'm obsessed!

Surprisingly, this post is not about desserts!

The brand Mudpie has the cutest, most precious things in the world! When Chris and I first picked out a couple things for Baby Girl, everything we got was Mudpie and we didn't even realize it then. I'm hooked on this brand now! They have boy items too but the girl stuff is SO perfect and girly. I can't wait to see our little one in Mudpie.

Here are some things that I'm lusting over...

Love everything about this outfit!
This is perfect for KC winters. And super practical, right?? :)

I have a confession. I almost bought some Christmas stuff at Holiday Mart (for those who don't know, it's a huge holiday shopping event in KC) last week. I showed willpower and restrained myself. But trust me, this outfit is even cuter in person.

Perfect Easter outfit!

Another really practical item - Rain boots!

All she needs is a matching bikini!

Another necessity for little girls.

Cute blankets...
I love these socks. I will admit that Baby Girl has a handful of these. for a baby girl is a little easier than shopping for a baby boy but it's also A LOT more dangerous. My sister keeps telling me that Baby Girl will be a tomboy who doesn't like dresses and hair bows. That's not possible, is it??
For Girl or Boy...check out Mud-Pie. You won't be disappointed!

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