Sunday, October 10, 2010

Think Pink..And Green!

We are having so much fun putting Baby Girl's nursery together! Well, it mainly consists of me finding several things I love and asking Chris if he likes them too. It's worked so far!

When we found out we were having a Girl, the only thing Chris said is that he didn't want a pink nursery. He especially didn't want pink walls. Baby Girl is always going to have a ton of pink in her life so I was fine with that.

We're going with a light green wall. The color is called 'Dancing Green.' I thought this was the perfect color because Chris and his mom danced their Mother/Son dance to 'Dancing Queen' at our wedding! The color had to be a sign.

The bedding. This is one of the first sets we found and we LOVE it. Very sweet and girly, and not too pink :). We should have it in 3-4 weeks!
Side note: This picture is from their website. We are going to have the bumper monogrammed but that is NOT Baby Girl's monogram. Just a coincidence that the last name begins with a 'C'.

I think long drapes can make a room. I love these polka dot ones. And they're blackout curtains!
We would not use the butterfly ones.

We have wood floors through our whole house so the rug is a must!

Cute lamps. Chris actually picked this style out. We registered for a matching night light as well.

Kid-size chairs. Too cute! And yes, this will have Baby Girl's name on it was well.

I'm hoping to use storage containers like these for diapers, hair bows, etc.
We're not sold on any particular art work yet but this is very cute. And would look great on green walls.
Our furniture and bedding should be here around the end of the month and the room will be painted before then. I can't wait to see it all come together!

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