Tuesday, November 30, 2010

8 Months!

Well, we're nearing the end. Just eight weeks (or a little bit less) left!

Obviously the reason I purchased these stickers were for Snickers to chew up every month.

How Far Along: 32 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby Girl weighs 3.75 pounds (about the size of a large jicama) and is about 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in my uterus. I'm should be gaining about a pound a week and roughly half of that goes right to the baby. In fact, she'll gain a third to half of her birth weight during the next 7 weeks as she fattens up for survival outside the womb. She now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (or at least respectable peach fuzz). Her skin is becoming soft and smooth as she plumps up in preparation for birth.

Total Weight Gain: 14lbs

Maternity Clothes: Basically only wearing maternity clothes except for a few workout bottoms, sweat pants, and pajamas!

Gender: We're having a Baby Girl!!! Side note: we are going to keep Baby Girl's name a secret :)

Movement: Still moving all day, every day. I'm starting to feel her more and more in my upper ribcage.

Sleep: Not sleeping so great. I'm up a lot during the night. I don't get out of bed but I just lay there and try to get comfortable.

Symptoms: Still a little uncomfortable. My weekly email also gave this info - To accommodate you and your baby's growing needs, your blood volume has increased 40 to 50 percent since you got pregnant. With your uterus pushing up near your diaphragm and crowding your stomach, the consequences may be shortness of breath and heartburn. To help relieve your discomfort, try sleeping propped up with pillows and eating smaller meals more often. I've definitely felt these symptoms over the past couple of weeks. I can't even think of eating a large meal. It makes me so uncomfortable. And I've definitely been out of breath more.
UPDATED: I was in a lot of pain Tuesday afternoon/night. After talking with the nurses and my doctor, they decided that we should head to Labor and Delivery. They wanted to monitor the contractions, check cervix, baby, etc. After a few hours of monitoring, we left with good news that I'm not in pre-term labor. Thank God! My doctor said that because I'm all baby, things are becoming uncomfortable and add some painful Braxton Hicks contractions on top of that, it was not fun. We were relieved to go in and be reassured that everything is going great. I told the nurses that I won't see them until January!

What I miss: A good nights sleep!

Cravings: Chocolate!! It's taking everything in my power not to make myself a pan of brownies. That would be way too dangerous!

Best Moment of the Week: Having a long, very relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.

What I am Looking Forward to: Our Couple's Baby Shower on Saturday night!

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