Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Princess Clarkson's 1st Kansas City Shower

Chris and I are so blessed to have many people in our life who want to celebrate our Baby Girl with us. Our first KC shower was last week and it was a blast! The Hostesses have named Baby Girl 'Princess Clarkson'. Pretty funny and sadly, pretty honest :).

Every detail of this shower was amazing! We had over 40 ladies all come to celebrate Baby Girl. We're so fortunate to have such great support. My mom came to KC to celebrate as well.

Warning..There are a TON of pictures! Enjoy!

All the Hostesses and the Grandma's to be.
Sonya, Janice, Julie (Chris' mom), Me, my mom, Mary Jo, and Bonnie.
These ladies are pros at planning showers!
The shower was held at Bonnie's BEAUTIFUL home. Here are several decor shots. Too cute not to take pics of!
This greeted us when we walked in the door. How precious! The It's a Girl Banner now proudly hangs on Baby Girl's nursery door.
The island where all the dinner buffet was going. The Cutie Pie sign is also in Baby Girl's nursery.

Is it sad that this isn't Baby Girl's first tutu? Haha.

And look who made an appearance at the shower... I love that sweet profile!

All of the above is from Mudpie. I seriously should own stock in that company. It's my favorite!

Sonya found this adorable lamb. It's so soft. And Janice made, yes, made!, the baby blanket that the lamb is sitting on. So nice!

The shower was a great mix of family and friends. We tried to get as many pictures as possible.

Jen and me. Jen is due four weeks after me. They are not finding out the sex of the baby but we're both leaning towards girl.
PS. That's just water in my special glass :)

The Clarkson Fam. We were missing several ladies but had a great turnout with Chris' aunts, sisters, and sister-in-law.

Megan, Bonnie, Joanne.
Megan sang at our wedding and is one of my closest! So glad her and her mom (Joanne) could be at the shower.

Me, Emily, Terrilyn
We met Terrilyn at Indian Hills. Another golf buddy turned good friend.

All the guests contributed to a big group gift. We got our glider and ottoman, infant carrier, and car seat. SO blessed! Several people brought gifts as well.
Yep, Princess Clarkson is truly living up to her new name.

Here is Bonnie talking about the group gifts.

I'm not a big fan of action shots but here I am opening our car seat.

And lastly, here are the hostesses opening their hostess gifts.
What a great night! We're so lucky to have all these ladies in our life.

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