Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A True Labor of Love.

I saw this bookcase at and thought it would look really cute in Baby Girl's nursery. It's so hard to order furniture online. I couldn't tell if it would be cheap looking or look really cute in person. Well, good news- it's adorable in person and made really well. We received some Target gift cards at my Florida shower so it worked out perfectly!

I will start by saying I am not handy. At all! But I was so excited when it came in the mail. Chris had class one night and I decided, How hard could this be? I'm going to put the bookcase together. There's not that many pieces.
Here are all the pieces. And they were heavy. Actually, I probably shouldn't have moved them. I was trying to use other things to support them (the wall, ottoman, etc) when I put it together. But I was still very motivated to complete this for Baby Girl.

Someone else was motivated too. He was in the middle of everything the whole time. And when I say whole time, it took me almost two hours! Ha! Are you kidding me?? For a child's bookcase? Still worth it though. I was really liking how it was turning out.

And then I was finished! It felt so good when the drawer at the bottom was put together. I stood up to look at my handy work and was pretty pleased with myself. Then I turned around, and thought 'What's the pink piece?' Yes, I forgot something. It's the backing for behind the drawer. I couldn't believe it! I gave up for the night and was going to have Chris do it later for me. My pride was slowly diminishing.

My mom and I actually ended up putting the last piece on. It is SO much easier with two people. And I'm thrilled with the way the bookcase looks in the nursery!
Super cute!

I love Baby Girl's pic and tea set on the top shelf.

Side view.
This book case was definitely worth the hard work. But from now on, I'll leave this stuff to the Hubs.

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  1. it looks so cute! what a great choice for her nursery! shelves are so hard to put together! i did one for my classroom this year and it's completely lop-sided! haha!

    i can't wait to see her whole nursery!