Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Couples Shower!

Chris and I have the most amazing friends. I was so lucky to move to KC and have an instant group of good friends. The Arthur's, The Fors', and The Anderson's threw us a great couples shower last weekend. They went above and beyond as usual. I've been very fortunate to have had two baby showers already so I was really excited for Chris to celebrate Baby Girl with everyone.

I'm going to let the pics explain all the details of the shower. I'm warning you..there are a ton!

The Hosts!
Robby and Whitney Arthur, Emily and Rollie Fors, me, Hubs, Annie and Ryan Anderson.
anyone remember my dress?? It's my b-day present (from September) from Chris! I was so excited to wear it for a special occasion.
Chris and I starting to open gifts. I let Chris do most of the opening. His guy pals were egging him on to explain what each item was. At one point Chris yelled, "It's a Floating Princess Castle!" So funny! By the way, he was talking about a bath book from Pottery Barn Kids.

My Girlfriends from Indian Hills. Enjoyed lots of pool and golf time with these lovely ladies.
Me, Brandi, Kim, Annie, and Emily

Chris, Robby, Ryan, Terry, and Rhett
I think the boys were instructed to say 'Baby' to the camera!

The Hostesses
Annie, Em, Me, and Whit

I have the MOST creative friends. Instead of a diaper cake, the girls made a diaper tricycle. The headlight flower is a headband, there are receiving blankets, booties, a precious baby doll, and of course diapers!

Another view. So cute!!!

Speaking of my creative friends, check out this flower bouquet. Half of those flowers are baby items. So impressive!

We were so glad some of our family could come.
The Clarkson Fam includes Don and Jen, Audrey and Denny, us, and Chris' cousin Abby and her boyfriend Tyler.

Nice bar display. The group also made an amazing punch and hot apple cider for the preggies at the shower.

Annie and Em preparing last minute apps before the guests arrived.

The group thought of every detail.

Dinner spread - beef and pork tenderloin sandwiches, German Potato Salad, and salad and bread sticks from Olive Garden. Yum!

We all know I have a sweet tooth. I won't tell you how many brownies I had. Pregnant or's embarrassing :)

Along with mini cupcakes, we had this huge raspberry lemonade flavored cupcake. It was So good.

I'm apparently not the only one in this family with a sweet tooth. Ha!

The gifts looks so nice under the Emily and Rollie's Christmas Tree.
Our group gift theme was 'feeding'. We got everything from our Boppy, bottles, cups, bottle sterilizer, bibs, formula dispenser, and a ton more. We are so fortunate!

Chris and I opening gifts. We can never have too many books.

I had to include this pic of Emily and Rollie's pug - Molly Fors. She rested on Kim for a good 20 minutes. So funny!

And no party would be complete without Hudson making an appearance before we went down for the night. Love that precious hat!
Chris and I are so blessed to have an amazing support group. Can't wait for all of them to meet Baby Girl!!

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