Sunday, November 21, 2010

Meet Baby Girl Clarkson

We had our 3D/4D sonogram on Friday. It was amazing to say the least! Both of our moms were able to come with us. The last sonogram I had was around 20 weeks. It's amazing how much the baby has grown. The sonogram tech said that Baby Girl's head is down and she is very squished in there. I drank some grapefruit juice before the appointment and Baby Girl was awake and moving the whole time. Can't wait to meet her in a couple of months!

PS- my mom and I agree that Baby Girl looks pretty sweet and girly in these pics :). HAHA.

I love these little lips. Her hand was against her face the whole time.

A little different pose.

Her mouth is open just a little bit.

Her arm and elbow. We couldn't believe how 'full and meaty' it looked. She's definitely filling out a little bit!

Stay tuned for lots of new updates this week.....