Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family Christmas Celebration

Each year, Chris' mom (Jules) has the immediate family over for dinner and presents about a week before Christmas. This gives everyone time to do Christmas with other sides of their fam. We usually go to FL right after this celebration but obviously this year is different - for a good reason of course :).

Jules goes above and beyond with the gifts. The kids get a ton of stuff! And it's so fun to watch them open everything. Kids truly make the holiday more fun. I can't believe next year we'll have almost a one year old!

Enjoy the pics..there are a ton!

Julie's beautiful tree.

Cousins toasting to the night!

Side note: On Christmas night Julie has family and very close family friends over for a celebration. Each year there is a theme (Cowboy Christmas, Asian Inspired, you name it, she's done it!). This year's theme is Mardi Gras. This will explain some of the different decorations you see around the house.

Kitchen decor

ummm..Hello Baby. And tented maternity top.

Oh my. This my be my favorite picture ever!! My Goddaughter Loren.
Is it sad that I look at this pic and think that I can't wait for those hand-me-downs?!?!

Sweet Sisters.
Jadon and Loren.

All the kids waiting to open their gifts.
Cole, Vince, Jadon, Reese, Loren, and Katarina

Julie gave all the older kids and the guys these guitar t-shirts that really play music. They're crazy!

The whole group with their t-shirt.

Reese's favorite gift is her new digital camera!
I love Jadon in the background. She's proudly holding her new American Doll.

Baby Girl even received a couple gifts! This will definitely keep her warm her first few months of life. Chris' face says it all- "Great..more pink."

Jadon with her new doll, Laney.

We all got Jules a digital camera.

Kat received a sweatshirt from her future high school!

Reese and Loren. These two are about five months apart and have a total love/hate relationship. What the picture doesn't show is them screaming at each other two minutes before sharing the new toys.

The little girls each got a princess tent!


And Vince got a lego table! Obviously he was too busy to look at the camera.

We also celebrated Denny's birthday that evening.
Denny, Audrey, Reese, and Vince.

I'm not going to admit to you how many pieces of this I had!!

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