Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Christmas with just the two of us..

Chris and I had a great Christmas this year. Since I couldn't travel, it was the first Christmas away from my family. It was hard but I have to admit, I didn't miss the airport delays! We relaxed at home Christmas Eve Day, went to church, then had a fabulous dinner at the Bristol. We went to Julie's for Mardi Gras, I mean Christmas on the night of the 25th.

Lots of quality time just the two of us and Snickers of course! All weekend we couldn't believe how this is our last Christmas without children. And next year our Baby Girl will probably be walking. Crazy to think about! But SO exciting...

Our Fur Baby. He looks so cute in his scarf!
This year we decided not to get each other several gifts. We're going to buy a SLR digital camera and wanted to save the money for that. We look forward to doing each others stocking every year. And I always do Snicker's stocking.
Chris' and Snickers' stocking. They are usually on the mantel but were too heavy with all of our Christmas goodies!
Where's mine you ask??....

Here it is! Chris 'hid' mine because some of my goodies were too big to fit inside my stocking. He didn't want me peeking. Chris went above and beyond this year - I got a gift card for a prenatal massage! So excited. The big package is a massaging neck pillow for the tub. I loved it!

I thought I would also include some Christmas decor pics in this post...

Our skinny Christmas tree. It's not the biggest tree but it's perfect for our house.

All the stockings. Next year we'll have four! Both of our grandmothers made our needlepoint stockings. I paid way too much for Snickers needlepoint stocking. I'm already on the hunt for Baby Girl's needlepoint stocking. I love how traditional they are.

We have a smaller tree in our living room too.

Our main Christmas tree.

I love anything with some sparkles on it!

These vases frame our dining room. They're much prettier in person.
Don't mind the stroller behind the vase :)
Garland on our stairwell. Sorry for the bright lighting.
One of my favorite traditions is that Chris and I get each other an ornament every year. I swear each year gets better than the last! We have so much fun finding the perfect ornament for each other.

Here is what Chris picked me out this year. How cute is this??

And when you pull the string, there's a diamond ring inside! I LOVED it!

Here is Chris' 2010 ornament. The picture is of people golfing. Chris loved it!

I wanted to share some of my other favorites on our tree...
Chris got me this my first winter in KC. He said it reminded him of me. Completely bundled up and miserable!

We have several construction ornaments. Very fitting.

And lastly, the very classy ESPN ornament. And bonus, when you touch it, it plays the Sports Center theme song! Every good wife out there knows that lovely tune :)
Sometimes I think our tree should be all the same color or more formal but I love that each ornament means something to us. I wouldn't have it any other way!
Stay tuned for the Mardi Gras post!!!

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