Saturday, December 18, 2010

Meet Olivia

Let me introduce you to Olivia....
One of my co-workers gave me this precious book for a shower. She also gave us an adorable stuffed Olivia to go along with the book. I put the stuffed animal on the book case with the rest of Baby Girl's books. The shelf of the book case is at eye level with Snickers. We've had the book and pig for about a month now and not a day goes by where Snickers doesn't take Olivia off the book case (usually many times per day!). He just likes to get it down and leave it in the middle of the floor. If nursery door is cracked, I can 100% guarantee that Snickers has taken Olivia off the shelf.

Until recently, Snickers would just leave Olivia in the nursery. He's now become very attached to her and started taking the pig down to 'his couch' to play with. Well, knowing how much he loves this toy, I finally gave in and just let him have it. It's the only thing in the nursery he's bothered with and I'd much rather have him chew this up over our nice wood furniture or Pottery Barn rug.

Snickers was SO excited when he finally had victory over this little toy. I'll let these pics speak for themselves...

He looks so proud!

Starting to really 'play' with Olivia.

Needs a better grip on his prized new toy.

And get ready for it....

Snickers only chewed off one ear! Ha!
I'll never think of those sweet Olivia books the same again. And yes, I'm sure this is just one of the many things that Snickers is going to want from the baby!

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