Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Time!

Why is it that when you have a baby/child, you can't wait to take them to a pumpkin patch? Maybe it's just me.

I was so looking forward to take Nora this year. She is too young to know what a pumpkin is, so it's all about me. I mean it's all about the pictures.

This morning we met friends to go to a pumpkin patch at a local church. To say there were low on pumpkins is an understatement. Oh well, we still got some good shots.

And I was told that Nora looked like a Halloween princess! Is it pathetic that my baby's mood perks up when she puts on a tutu?!?

Enjoy the pics.

We grabbed some coffee before heading to the patch. Obviously Nora is excited about what's to come:)

Not sure what to think.

What is this orange thing?

Seriously mom, get me down from here.

Best (only) smile I could get!

What am I sitting on?!?

Yep, not a fan of hay. Who is surprised??

I'm sure we were quite a scene trying to get pics of our littles ones. The pics are pretty perfect for this season of our life!

Bobby, Nora, Hudson


Here are a few more pics of Nora when we got home. I think she was trying to drive away from me! I'm sure it won't be the first time. It's hard driving in a tutu!

That Face!
Enough with the camera Mom.

I'm warning you!

Look of determination. Couldn't get away fast enough!

What a fun morning with friends! As if you couldn't tell from the above pics, my Halloween Princess was ready for her nap after our fun morning :).

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